About us

Spantech Products was founded in 1977 and remains a family owned and run business to this day. Based in South Godstone, Surrey, UK, Spantech have become experts in supplying speciality calibration gas solutions to many countries around the world. Its core business of cylinder gases, generators, sensors and purifiers covers a range of suppliers so Spantech, with its range of experience and knowledge can provide truly the correct solution for your application and budget

With partner offices in Poland, India and USA, plus an extensive range of international distributors we can provide a global network, with extensive experience in India, Pakistan, South America and South Africa in particular.


  • 1977 Spantech were involved in the chromatography business
  • 1981 started to sell rare gas purifiers
  • 1995 started to sell sensors
  • 1995 started to sell Spancan calibration gas cylinders
  • 2000 started to sell ACD gas generators
  • 2004 started to sell Portagas cylinders
  • 2012 Portagas became part of Praxair
  • We are now equity partners with ACD and manage all non US/Canadian countries
Dr Chandramani Narain and Dr Krish Narain
Dr Chandramani Narain
and Dr Krish Narain
Dr Chandramani Narain and Susan Narain
Dr Chandramani Narain
and Susan Narain