Calibration gas cylinders

For 25 years Spantech have been supplying calibration gas cylinders worldwide. Specializing in reactive and complex mixes the range of suppliers that Spantech represent offer value for money options and the highest quality, longest shelf life options. Highly reactive mixtures can be supplied, such as 1ppm H2S with high stabilities. Premium quality regulators and disposable quad mixture mini-cans are also available.

With 25 years of experience we can provide the right cylinder type for your market, no matter where in the world it is.


The highest quality in calibration gas cylinders, from Houston, Texas, USA. Founded in 1992 and incorporated into Portagas in 2012, Portagas have lead the way in developing technologies according to ISO and other international standards. Custom mixes can be made to order and there are 100’s of different gases available.

Revolutionary cylinder coating and treatment allows for

  • Difficult mixtures to be made reliable such as 1ppm H2S in Nitrogen
  • Longer shelf life for reactive gases such as Chlorine
  • ISO and Johnson Perry compliant
  • Environmentally friendly return empty to base option
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SpanCans – Spantech’s own brand

  • Spantech's low-cost calibration gases are available in a wide range of sizes and cylinder types
  • Many mixtures are available from stock
  • Disposable and refillable options
  • 34, 58 and 110 litre sizes.
  • Toxic gases and complex Hydrocarbon mixes included in the range
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  • Demand flow option
  • High quality portagas option
  • Economy brands
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Disposable mini quadgas cannisters

  • Ultra small disposable quad gas cylinders
  • To test of Sensors: H2S, CO, O2, Div %LEL, CH4
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