QC-50 Calibration Gas Bump Tester (850-1050-00)

QC-50 Calibration Gas Bump Tester (850-1050-00)

Gases supported
  • Lowest cost bump testing.
  • Small, simple, rugged design.

Stable, Safe, Reliable- The QC-50 from Advanced Calibration Designs provides a quick and easy method of checking the performance of gas detection systems.

Revolutionary- The QC-50 utilizes revolutionary technology allowing a functional check (or 'bump test') as needed or required by law. The unique QuickCheck Vial (QCV) utilizes a stable, safe and reliable delivery method allowing ease of shipment, storage and use. The QC-50 is currently available for ammonia, hydrogen chloride, toluene and hexane.

Simple- The QCV used in the QC-50 are small, disposable vials with a small amount of the gas to be tested in liquid form in a sealed inner ampoule. Breaking the inner ampoule allows the liquid to absorb into a filter which then diffuses out the gas. Simply squeezing the hand aspirated bulb will allow a test concentration of gas to flow by the gas detector, verifying its operation.

Useful Vial Life:

Approx. 8 hours

Vial Warranty:

One Year


15.3cm x 6 cm