GENie QC-1 Ammonia Calibration Gas Instrument (750-0200-03)

GENie QC-1 Ammonia Calibration Gas Instrument (750-0200-03)

Gases supported
Ammonia (NH3): 10 to 500 PPM (1000 PPM on request)
Air flow rate: Variable
Source life: 8 hours / vial

The GENie QC-1 is our newest gas instrument for ammonia calibration gas. By utilizing a sealed glass ampule that is broken for use, the GENie QC-1 is the perfect tool for anyone calibrating fixed or portable ammonia sensors. With user adjustable outputs, the GENie QC-1 can be set to a wide range of outputs allowing for calibration of nearly any ammonia detector on the market.

  • 96 hours of source gas include
  • Disposable gas vials have no shelf life
  • Most accurate source of NH3 calibration gas on the market
  • Integrated microprocessor controlled feedback
  • Non-hazardous transport
  • Simple to use, NIST traceable
  • English, French, German and Spanish user interfaces are available

Warm-up time (to 90%):

< 30 seconds

L x W x H:

5"W x 3.88"H x 3.13"D


2 lb. (907 g)

Operating Temperature:

0°C to 50°C

Relative Humidity (intermittent use):

0 -100%





Battery Power:

4 Alkaline AA

Battery Life:

Approx. 5 hours

Ozone, Hydrogen, Ammonia, Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide & Hydrogen Cyanide

Compact, hand-held, accurate, economical and rugged, this family of integrateable and expandable calibration gas instruments will generate a variety of gases from one modular instrument. As your calibration gas needs grow, so does the GENie, with integrated, expandable modules that provide for a cost effective solution.

  • A flexible and accurate instrument, providing unique cost savings vs, cylinders
  • From 50ppb to 1000ppm, user selectable, gas dependent specification
  • Mass flow feedback provides sample draw calibration capabilities.
  • No storage of gas required, generate when and how much you need
  • No shelf life problems, no wastage, no recycling of cylinders
  • 50 and 100 hour sources available.
  • English, French, German and Spanish user interfaces are available.
  • CSA and CE certified

How does the GENie Calibration Gas System work? Learn more!

The Genie can be configured for electrochemical generation for gases such as Cl2, ClO2 H2S, HCN and H2, with a UV lamp for Ozone or with a vial for a source such as ammonia.