Online seminar


SPANTECH are pleased to announce our latest FREE online technical seminar: The difficult gases – Ozone, Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide: solutions for cost effective reliable ppm calibration gases in the field.

Date: Wednesday 21st July 2021
Time: 1:00pm (BST), 2:00pm (CET), 5:30pm (IST), 08:00am (EST)

Main Speaker: Kurt Ballard, ACD - Advanced Calibration Designs, Inc., Tucson, USA

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For low ppm applications, traditionally ozone, chlorine and chlorine dioxide have proved to be troublesome gases in terms of getting reliable and stable outputs. Shelf lives have been limited and storage difficult. Advances in cylinder technology has helped with some of these issues, but for some gases these issues still remain.

Transporting cylinders has proved to be increasingly difficult, and yet important if you want to ensure you have a reliable gas supply on site that you are confident in.

On demand hand held generators provide a simple, reliable, easily transportable, hand carried and cost-effective solution for these gases and others for in the field service applications.

In this seminar we will consider these generators - we will also look at cylinders available for chlorine, how to get NIST output and cylinders with ISO compliance.

The seminar is organised by Spantech Products.

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