Benefits of 
Gas Generators Over

Gas Cylinders

Gas Cylinders:

Gas cylinders have been the traditional way to store and supply gases to applications in the lab and most gas users don’t think of using alternatives despite the potential danger and inconvenience associated with using cylinders.

Cylinders contain large quantities of gas at high pressure and therefore present a potential health and safety problem. 
Not only must the cylinders, which are fairly heavy, be periodically moved, but an accident can release a large volume of gas into the lab environment.

If the gas released is nitrogen, there is potential for asphyxiation of anybody unlucky enough to be in the lab. If the gas is hydrogen, there is the potential for an explosion to occur. Once the level of hydrogen in atmosphere reaches 4.1% by volume in air it can explode if there is an ignition source present.

The other potential problem with cylinders is inconsistency in purity from cylinder to cylinder and that impurities collect at the bottom of the cylinder meaning that the last 10% of the gas is not of as good a quality and is not recommended for use. In addition to these factors, there is the transportation of cylinders which usually happens by road and therefore adds to street congestion and pollution.

Advantages of using your Gas Generators:

The main advantages of gas generators over using cylinders are safety and convenience. Generators provide a constant supply of gas for lab applications without risking the safety of lab users.

Cylinders have the potential to release thousands of litres of gas into the lab atmosphere in a very short space of time, which could have fatal consequences

The set-up of gas generators is very straight forward. Maintenance is required every 6-12 months depending on the system. The majority of PEAK gas generators require just an annual service.

Simply put, Advanced Calibration Designs calibrators are gas generation devices that are superior to the previous approaches for the supply of calibration gas to gas sensor calibration equipment for the health and safety industries.

Advanced Calibration Designs exceed the limitations of all previous forms of calibrating gas monitors. They do this through Integrated and Expandable products that provide the backbone of the new era in calibration gas standards.

A 58-liter cylinder provides 58 minutes of cal gas flowing at 1 liter per minute (roughly 1 hour). A single ACD calibration source provides up to 100 times that much gas! 100 hours of gas at the same flow rate. This translates to a rough cost (depending on the gas needed) of approximately £230 per hour when getting your gas in cylinders. Conversely, the cost of 1 ACD 100-hour source is £11.00 per hour of calibration!

ACD Gas Calibration Instrument vs Gas Cylinder

ACD instruments provide 10 to 100 times the amount of calibrations as a gas cylinder.
** The example below assumes a five minute calibration cycle.



Calibrations per source / cylinder

120 to 1200


Adjustable flow rates

Adjustable PPM

NIST traceable certification

Most accurate

Easy to add more gases

Calibrate and bump test

Unlimited shelf life

Works with most gas monitors

Non-hazardous shipping

Compact and easy to use

Environmentally friendly

Our Popular ACD Gas Calibration Instruments

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Intrinsically safe & unlimited shelf life

Safe for use in hazardous environments and plane travel

Adjust concentration and flow rate on the fly

Adjust concentration and flow rate on the fly

Multiple languages

Calibration & Bump test ready

Many of our products generate both calibration gas and bump gas

Calibration kits

Available with everything you need in a convenient calibration kit