Accuspan Enhances Filling Capabilities and Establishes Stocking Point in Stoke

Providing customers with top-notch gases in a manner that is both efficient and tailored to their unique needs
29 November 2023 by
Tom Iddon
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Accuspan is excited to share news of its recent expansion in filling capabilities with the establishment of an upgraded stocking point in Stoke. This development is geared towards providing customers with even greater access to high-quality gases precisely when needed.

Key Features of the Expanded Filling Capability:

On-Demand Filling for a Variety of Stock Gases:

Accuspan's expanded facility ensures on-demand filling for a diverse range of stock gases. This feature enhances flexibility and responsiveness, allowing customers to obtain the gases they need precisely when required.

Quad Gases – Standard and Bespoke Mixtures:

The facility offers quad gases in both standard configurations, bespoke mixtures, as well as complex organic mixtures. This ensures that customers have access to a comprehensive selection of gases tailored to meet their specific calibration needs.

PPM Level Reactive Mixtures:

Accuspan's expanded capabilities include the provision of mixtures at the parts per million (PPM) level, specifically catering to applications that demand extremely precise concentrations.

Organic and Non-Reactive Mixtures:

The facility caters to a wide spectrum of applications by offering both organic and non-reactive mixtures. This versatility ensures that Accuspan's gases can be applied across various industries and use cases.

ISO Certification:

Accuspan reaffirms its commitment to quality by providing gases that meet ISO certification standards. This certification underscores the company's dedication to delivering products that adhere to internationally recognized quality benchmarks.

Available in 34, 60, or 110-Litre Disposable Cylinders:

Customers can choose from disposable cylinders in three sizes – 34, 60, or 110 litres, providing options that align with different calibration requirements and usage scenarios.

Stock Regulators Available If Required:

Accuspan understands the importance of having all necessary components readily available. As part of its commitment to customer convenience, stock regulators are available if required, ensuring a streamlined and comprehensive service.

Accuspan's investment in expanded filling capabilities at their dedicated stocking point in Stoke reflects its ongoing commitment to providing customers with top-notch gases in a manner that is both efficient and tailored to their unique needs. This expansion further solidifies Accuspan's position as a leading provider of calibration gases in the industry.

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