Calibration Gas Cylinder Ethylene (C2H4) 

Ethylene is a colourless flammable gas with a faint sweet and musky odour when pure. Ethylene is widely used in the chemical industry, much of this production goes towards polythene, a widely used plastic containing polymer chains of ethylene units in various chain lengths. Ethylene is also an important natural plant hormone and is used in agriculture to force the ripening of fruits. Ethylene is produced by several methods in the petrochemical industry, a primary method is steam cracking. Using oil or natural gas as a feedstock, petrochemical plants use the cracking process to extract ethylene, Ethylene Oxide / Ethylene Glycol which becomes polyester for textiles, as well as antifreeze for airplane engines and wings.

We at Spantech provide Ethylene gas cylinders with various mixes such as Ethylene in Air and Ethylene in Nitrogen, in many ppm and % levels, in our Accuspan A34 litre, A58 litre and A110 litre cylinders.

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