Honeywell Citytech 3-Series A3EF CiTiceL®

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas Sensor | Part Number: AB005-C09 | 4-Electrode Electrochemical

The 3 Series range is City Technology's original gas sensor range. A wide variety of sensors are available in this format and are can be supplied with 4 mA to 20 mA and mV transmitter boards. The 7 Series is the natural replacement for the range.


  • Industry standard for portable industrial safety gas detection
  • Meets toxic and oxygen standards
  • One- to five-year life, stable, accurate
  • 4oXLL(emissionapplications)7-yearlife

  • Comprehensiverangeofgases

A3EF CiTiceL® Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas Sensor Part Number: AB005-C09

CiTiceL is a company that specializes in manufacturing gas sensors for various applications, including industrial safety and environmental monitoring. Their sensors often use electrochemical technology to detect specific gases.

Here's a simplified explanation of how an electrochemical gas sensor might work, which could be similar to the "A3EF CiTiceL" sensor:

  1. Electrochemical Cell: The sensor consists of an electrochemical cell that includes a working electrode, a reference electrode, and an electrolyte. The working electrode is coated with a specific catalyst that promotes the chemical reaction of the target gas.

  2. Gas Interaction: When the target gas comes into contact with the sensor, it diffuses through a permeable membrane or porous material to reach the working electrode's surface.

  3. Chemical Reaction: The target gas undergoes a chemical reaction at the working electrode's surface, which generates ions in the electrochemical cell.

  4. Ion Movement: The ions generated during the reaction move through the electrolyte between the working electrode and the reference electrode. This ion movement creates an electric current that is proportional to the concentration of the target gas.

  5. Signal Output: The electric current is measured and converted into an output signal, which can be calibrated to represent the concentration of the target gas.

  6. Calibration and Compensation: Gas sensors require calibration to ensure accurate measurements. Calibration involves exposing the sensor to known gas concentrations to establish a relationship between the sensor's output signal and the actual gas concentration. Compensation techniques might also be used to account for environmental factors like temperature and humidity.

Our Best Seller A3EF CiTiceL® Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas Sensor

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