7OXV CiTiceL® Oxygen (O2) Gas Sensor Part Number: AAV66-380

Oxygen sensors, also known as O2 sensors, are devices used to measure the concentration of oxygen in a gas mixture. They play a critical role in several industries for various purposes, including safety, process optimization, and compliance. Here are some potential roles an oxygen sensor like the "7oxv" might have in an industrial setting:

Honeywell 7-Series range is suited to general gas detection applications including oxygen and toxic gases. Sensors are suitable for use in portable or fixed gas detectors and medical gas applications.


  • Compact sensors designed for portable and transportable applications
  • Used in wide range of general gas detection applications
  • Extensivetoxicandoxygenrangeof gases
  1. Safety Monitoring: Oxygen sensors are often used to monitor the oxygen levels in confined spaces, industrial environments, and hazardous areas. They help ensure that oxygen levels are within safe limits for workers and prevent the risk of oxygen-deficient or oxygen-rich environments, which can lead to health hazards or even fires.

  2. Combustion Control: In industries that involve combustion processes, such as power generation, manufacturing, and heating systems, oxygen sensors are used to monitor and control the oxygen concentration for efficient and clean combustion. This optimization enhances energy efficiency and reduces emissions.

  3. Environmental Compliance: Certain industries are subject to regulations that limit the emission of gases, including oxygen. Oxygen sensors can be employed to monitor gas emissions and ensure compliance with environmental standards.

  4. Quality Control: In industries where specific gas mixtures are essential for maintaining product quality, oxygen sensors are used to verify the composition of these mixtures. This is crucial in applications like food packaging, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and semiconductor fabrication.

  5. Waste Treatment: Oxygen sensors play a role in wastewater treatment facilities, helping to monitor and control the biological processes that break down organic matter. Optimal oxygen levels are critical for efficient treatment and preventing the release of harmful substances into the environment.

  6. Leak Detection: Oxygen sensors can be used for leak detection, especially in environments where the presence of oxygen might indicate a potential leak or malfunction. This application is relevant in industries handling hazardous gases.

  7. Healthcare and Medical Applications: Oxygen sensors are used in medical equipment such as anesthesia machines and ventilators to monitor and regulate the oxygen levels delivered to patients. Ensuring accurate oxygen delivery is essential for patient safety and care.

  8. Laboratory Research: Oxygen sensors are valuable tools in laboratory research, enabling scientists to monitor and control gas environments in experiments.

Honeywell CityTech 7 series industrial electrochemical oxygen sensor | spantech products

City Technology's 7 Series 7OXV CiTiceL® Oxygen (O2) Gas Sensor

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