Honeywell City Tech’s 4-Series CiticeL Industrial Gas Sensor AAY80-390 and Replacement Oxygen Gas Sensor  AAY80-390R

City’s 4 Series gas sensors are the industry standard for portable gas detectors. The range includes sensors which detect oxygen and toxic gases, an infrared version for carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons and fully certified pellistors for combustible gas detection.

Key Features and Benefits

  • False alarm immunity
  • Enhanced response time in extreme applications
  • Reliably meets stated life
  • Superior environmental performance  

The 4OXV CiTiceL® Oxygen Gas Sensor, identified by the part number AAY80-390, is a sophisticated electrochemical sensor designed to measure the concentration of oxygen (O2) in various gases. Here's how it works:

  1. Sensor Structure: The 4OXV sensor comprises a ceramic body with a sensing electrode, a reference electrode, and an electrolyte in between. These components are crucial for the sensor's electrochemical reaction to occur.

  2. Electrochemical Reaction: The sensor operates based on the principle of an electrochemical cell. In the presence of oxygen, a chemical reaction takes place at the sensing electrode. The specific chemical reaction depends on the type of material used in the sensing electrode, which is often a metal or metal oxide.

  3. Current Generation: The electrochemical reaction at the sensing electrode results in the movement of oxygen ions through the electrolyte and the generation of electrical current. The magnitude of this current is proportional to the concentration of oxygen molecules in the gas being measured.

  4. Voltage Output: The electrical current generated by the sensor is converted into a voltage output, which can be measured and interpreted. This voltage output is typically calibrated to provide an accurate reading of the oxygen concentration in the gas mixture.

  5. Reference Electrode: The reference electrode serves as a stable reference point, helping to maintain a consistent voltage potential across the sensor. It ensures that the sensor's performance is not affected by external factors like temperature and humidity.

  6. Data Interpretation: The voltage output is then processed by associated electronics or connected systems. In applications such as industrial processes, environmental monitoring, or medical devices, this data is used to assess the oxygen levels and make appropriate adjustments or take necessary actions based on the readings.

  7. Calibration: Regular calibration is essential to maintain accuracy. Calibrating the sensor involves exposing it to known oxygen concentrations to establish a correlation between the sensor's output and the actual oxygen concentration.

Product Dimensions

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The 4OXV CiTiceL® Oxygen Gas Sensor, with its electrochemical principles, offers accurate and reliable measurements of oxygen levels. It finds applications in various industries where oxygen concentration monitoring is vital for process control, safety, and compliance. 

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