Gas Sensors

With over 30 years of experience in supplying gas sensors, we at Spantech are experts in electrochemical sensors, IR sensors and pellistors, as well as supplying other types upon request.

We act as your technical consultants, providing you the right solution at the right cost for single sensors or larger OEM orders. We work closely with a wide range of reputable manufacturers, giving you a choice without compromising on quality. Whether you monitor common hazardous gases or more exotic gases, we have a solution in a format to suit the precise requirements of a specific application and instrument. Complete the form below to see what we can do for you, whatever your industry. 


Our Top Sensors

AO2 Oxygen Citicel ® Sensor Data Sheet

2FO Oxygen Citicel ® Sensor data sheet

70XV Oxygen Citicel ® Sensor


40XV Oxygen Citicel ® Sensor   DATA SHEET

MOX20 Medicel ® Sensor DATA SHEET


  • Industrial safety sensors
  • Medical sensors
  • Ventilation / underground sensors
  • Fruit Ripening sensors
  • Residential Safety sensors
  • Refrigeration sensors
  • Infrared sensors for Carbon Dioxide and Hydrocarbons
  • PID for the detection of volatile organic compounds
  • Pellistors for combustible gas detection
  • 1 SERIES: The 1series analogue gas sensor is compact low profile sensor. These sensors have an extended operating life of 5 years along with extended temperature and humidity ranges.
  • 3 SERIES: In the 3 Series range A wide variety of sensors are available in this format and are can be supplied with 4-20mA and mV transmitter boards. The 7 Series is the natural replacement for the range.
  • 4 SERIES: The 4-Series gas sensors are the industry standard for portable gas detectors. The range includes sensors which detect oxygen and toxic gases, an infrared version for carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons and fully certified pellistors for combustible gas detection.
  • SENSORIC: Sensoric toxic gas sensors. Over the last 20 years, the range has gained worldwide recognition for excellent performance, particularly for detecting exotic gases. Sensors are available in a small 'mini' housing or can be supplied with adaptors to fit the 4- and 7-Series format. Sensoric sensors are also available with 4-20mA transmitter boards.
  • 5 SERIES: This range of premium gas sensors has been designed to ensure optimal performance within the harsh environments of flue gas analysers and combustion efficiency monitors. Sensors are available for oxygen, carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide, along with a hydrogen-compensated carbon monoxide sensor.
  • MICRO: MICROceL® and MICROpeL® are one of the smallest, most compact sensors. The range includes, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide and fully certified combustible gas sensors.
  • 7 SERIES: The 7-Series range is suited to general gas detection applications including oxygen and toxic gases. Sensors are suitable for use in portable or fixed gas detectors and medical gas applications.
  • MEDICAL: The (MOX) sensors include oxygen and a range of other gas sensors that are designed specifically for use in respiratory and anaesthesia applications.
  • ECOSURE: The ECOSURE range is designed for high quality CO detection in residential and commercial environments.

Typical Gases


Industrial safety sensors

Medical sensor

Ventilation / underground sensors

Fruit ripening sensors

Residental safety sensors

Refrigeration sensors

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