Calibration Gas Cylinder Benzene (C6H6) 

Benzene is primarily used as a feedstock, or raw material, to make other industrial chemicals, such as ethylbenzene, cumene and cyclohexane. Benzene is also used as a solvent in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

As a building block chemical, benzene is reacted with other chemicals to produce a variety of other chemistries, materials and, ultimately, consumer goods. Benzene is used to make other chemicals like ethylbenzene, cumene and cyclohexane, which are then reacted and used in the manufacture of a variety of materials and plastics such as polystyrene, ABS, and nylon.

We at Spantech provide Benzene gas cylinders with various mixes such as Benzene in Air and Benzene in Nitrogen in various ppm and % levels, in our Accuspa A34 litre, A58 litre and A110 litre cylinders.

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