Calibration Gas Cylinder Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) 

Hydrogen sulphide is a dangerous, colourless gas that occurs naturally in many petroleum products. Specifically, it often makes up significant amounts of raw natural gas. It has a distinct "rotten egg" smell at low concentration levels. Hydrogen sulphide is used primarily to produce sulfuric acid and sulphur. It is also used to create a variety of inorganic sulphides used to create pesticides, leather, dyes, and pharmaceuticals. Hydrogen sulphide is used to produce heavy water for nuclear power plants. Hydrogen sulphide can also be used in agriculture as a disinfectant. It is also widely used in chemical analysis. Iron smelters, landfills, food processing plants, and breweries are some examples of industrial sources that produce or use hydrogen sulphide. Superficial sulfurization of metals with hydrogen sulphide allows modification of their physical or chemical properties. Hydrogen sulphide is used for passivation of the walls of reactors operating at high temperature in petrochemical operations such as steam cracking and hydrodealkylation. This treatment prevents desirable secondary reactions. Another use of hydrogen sulphide is the formation of a layer of sulphide on the surface of steel wires or plates that are to be coated with paint or plastic. This treatment protects the coating or improves the action of adhesive primers.

We at Spantech provide Hydrogen Sulphide gas cylinders with various mixes such as Hydrogen Sulphide in Air, Hydrogen Sulphide in Argon and Hydrogen in Nitrogen, in many ppm and % levels, in our Accuspan A34 litre, A58 litre and A110 litre cylinders.

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