Calibration Gas Cylinder Zero Air (AIR) 

Zero Air is tasteless, odourless, colourless and non-flammable gas. Zero air is essential for many laboratories and research centres, in which it is used for various electronic instruments like gas chromatograph. In gas chromatography for FID detectors as a flame gas and for AED detectors as a dry air purge gas. As well as being used in various other chemical analysis and process control applications. Air is a source of oxygen and nitrogen and is used in the running and calibration of environmental monitoring and test measurements such as emission analysers to check for various impurities of hydrocarbons. Synthetic air is used as a balance gas in many calibration gas mixtures.

We at Spantech provide Zero Air gas cylinders in many % levels, in our Accuspan A34 litre, A58 litre and A110 litre cylinders.

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