What is a gas monitor bump test kit?

A gas monitor bump test kit is a package or set of tools and materials used to perform bump tests on gas detection instruments, such as portable gas monitors or fixed gas detection systems. Bump tests are conducted to quickly verify the functionality of these instruments and ensure that they are responding properly to the presence of specific gases.

A typical gas monitor bump test kit may include the following components:

  1. Bump Test Gas: The kit includes small canisters or cylinders of gas containing a known concentration of the target gas that the gas detector is designed to detect. This gas is used to simulate a gas leak or hazardous environment during the bump test.

  2. Gas Regulator: A gas regulator is used to control the flow of gas from the canister to the gas detector. This ensures a consistent and controlled gas exposure during the bump test.

  3. Tubing and Adapters: The kit may contain tubing and adapters that help connect the gas canister to the gas detector's sensors. These components facilitate the controlled exposure of the sensors to the test gas.

  4. Carrying Case: Many kits come in a portable carrying case to keep all the components organized and easy to transport.

  5. Instructions and Documentation: Bump test kits typically include instructions on how to perform a proper bump test and guidelines for interpreting the results. Documentation may also include space to record the test results for future reference.

  6. Optional Accessories: Depending on the manufacturer and the specific kit, there might be additional accessories such as calibration adapters, tools for adjusting gas detector settings, and cleaning supplies for maintaining the instrument.

Gas monitor bump test kits are essential for maintaining the accuracy and reliability of gas detection instruments. Regularly performing bump tests helps ensure that the sensors and alarms are functioning correctly, providing confidence to users that the instrument will effectively warn them of hazardous gas exposures in real-world scenarios. Keep in mind that while bump tests are important, they do not replace the need for periodic instrument calibration, which involves adjusting the instrument's readings to match a known reference gas concentration.

Mini Bump Test | Gas Detection

The MiniBump is the smallest, most lightweight and adaptive calibration gas source on the market. It is our lowest entry cost product as well as our simplest to use. It is certified to be intrinsically safe for operation on potentially explosive atmospheres. The MiniBump operates with  interchangeable generating sources providing either fixed concentration output for calibration, or ‘bump’ output to drive your detector into alarm for operational verification. Available in hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, hydrogen and hydrogen cyanide. The complete device fits into your shirt pocket and provides the equvalent of five 58 liter cylinders of gas with each generating source.


  • Calibration ready
  • Interchangeable bump / calibration gases
  • Automatic shut down after each test
  • Alkaline battery powered
  • Disposable generating source
  • ATEX II3G EEx nL IIB T4 approved
  • CSA NRTL/C Exia T-6 approved intrinsically safe with CE Mark

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