Accurate Calibration Gas Mixtures from Hand-Held Gas Generators
10 August 2023 by
Cigdem Ozcelik
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GENie calibration system, available from Spantech (UK), is ACD’s most versatile and accurate calibration system. Parts per million (ppm) and sub-ppm levels of calibration gases are generated at the point of use. The list includes Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrogen, Hydrogen Sulphide, Hydrogen Cyanide, Ozone, Ammonia, Toluene and Hexane.  Any base unit can be paired with different source modules to generate the desired ppm level in Air as a calibration standard. Internal mass flow sensors accurately calibrate at any temperature or altitude. The sources for Ammonia, Toluene and Hexane provide 96 hours of calibration gas.

The GENie O3 is small, lightweight, portable generator used for fixed points and hand-held detectors. The user adjustable concentration levels has LCD setting between 0.2 and 1.0 PPM which will calibrate most Ozone gas sensors. The internal mass flow sensor and ultraviolet light source provide accurate levels of Ozone gas with an expected life of up to 500 hours of use. The GENie O3 comes with a NIST certificate of calibration to +/- 10 %, providing exceptional accuracy as well as high precision. 

The GENie QC-1 Ammonia utilises a sealed glass ampoule which is broken to produce up to 8 hours of Ammonia gas. A 12 pack of these vials is provided with the instrument gives up to 96 hours of calibration gas. Replacement vials are economical, making the GENie QC-1 a perfect tool for calibrating fixed or portable Ammonia sensors. With user adjustable outputs, the instrument can be set from 10 to 150 PPM. This compact and rugged instrument is built for use in the harshest environments, and is supplied in a strong nylon carrying case. Its ergonomic design and easy to read LCD display lends itself to portability and ease of use in a safe environment.

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