Accuspan Premium Cylinder Range

Introducing the Maxi Ultra: Setting the Standard for Calibration Precision
21 November 2023 by
Accuspan Premium Cylinder Range
Tom Iddon
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In the world of precision calibration gases, Accuspan takes a significant leap forward with its premium offering – The Maxi Ultra. Unveiling a series of ISO 17025/ISO 17034 accredited disposable cylinders, Accuspan reinforces its commitment to accuracy, peace of mind, NIST traceability, and extended shelf life.

While numerous companies, including our own Accuspan Maxi range, supply mixtures conforming to ISO9001:2015 standards. Accuspan's Premium filling facilities, specifically employed for the Maxi Ultra, also hold certifications in ISO 17025:2017 and ISO 17034:2016. This triple certification attests to the company's dedication to the highest quality standards in the calibration gas industry.  

The Maxi Ultra boasts a comprehensive range of gases, from 1ppm H2S and Cl2 to quad gas mixtures and methane. Popular gases such as Acetylene, Air, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Propane are also available. This expansive selection caters to diverse calibration needs, ensuring a solution for every application.

What sets the Maxi Ultra apart is not just its variety but also the focus on accuracy, peace of mind, and reliability. Available in 34, 58, and 116-liter bottles, these high-quality calibration standard gases are housed in rugged, portable cylinders, designed to accompany your calibration process anywhere it may go.

Accuspan takes pride in the exceptionally low return rate of its calibration gases, indicative of their unwavering commitment to providing products of the highest quality. Proprietary fill technologies incorporated into the Maxi Ultra support an extended shelf life, ensuring longevity and reliability in every cylinder.

Each Maxi Ultra cylinder is identified with a unique serial number and is accompanied by a Certification of Analysis. This certification not only provides a mark of authenticity but also demonstrates traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), reinforcing the precision and reliability embedded in every Accuspan product.

In conclusion, the Accuspan Premium Cylinder Range – The Maxi Ultra – stands as a benchmark in the realm of calibration precision. With ISO 17025/ISO 17034 accreditation, a diverse array of gases, and a steadfast commitment to quality, Accuspan reaffirms its position as a leader in delivering calibration gases that meet and exceed the highest industry standards.

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